Danny Bingham Music

Danny Bingham Music

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Touching Story..

Just wanted to share a cool story with everyone and just show you how awesome our God is..A few months ago I picked up an acoustic guitar at a yard sale that some friends were having that were relocating to another town..I had a young gentleman come by this afternoon and bought it from me...I showed him a few chords and I noticed he had tears in his eyes as he began to play it and I asked him if he was ok and he told me to look at the head stock...It was a J. Reynolds Brand guitar and he proceeded to tell me that his Dad also played guitar and had passed away at the age of 57....He then rolled up his shirt sleeve and showed me a tattoo that read J. Reynolds...His Dad's name was James Reynolds and he felt that it was just meant for him to have that guitar.He wants to learn to play it and write a song about his Dad....So Taco and Kerri Bill..just know that God had a plan when you left your friends and family here in Comanche because thanks to the two of you your actions made a difference in a young man's life this evening...God bless you both...DB

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